Thursday, 13 December 2007

4 ways Twitter is like God

Twitter is like God. Not in that it's omniscient, omnipresent or omnipotent, but in that Twitter is:

* experienced in many different ways (on the site, using Snitter, Twitterific, Twitteroo, Tweetr, Twitterpost, Twitterlex, Twhirl, several IM clients or cellphone)
* a source of genuine fellowship (=having something in common)
* ignored by many in the world, who don't even know it exists.
* maligned by people who haven't tried it for themselves and can't see the point.

Okay, so I'm not a theologian. But don'tcha reckon?


Jo - MovieFest said...

I think twitter is in someways omnipresent as well, there is always a twitterer about when you need the check the weather in India, or if someone felt an Earthquake in Christchurch.

Laurel Papworth said...

Twitter must fight a pantheon of Gods (Facebook, Flickr and other social network godheads). Wars are being fought over each religion. Err. Online community.

Twitter is never there when you call on it. You get some bloody great whale being carried by birds, with a "Twitter will be back soon" message.

So yeah, there's similarities.

Simon said...

Thanks Jo and Laurel for your comments. Interesting opposites! :) Yes, I was thinking I needed to correct myself and say Twitter is virtually omnipresent ... except for when it's not there.