Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Accidental spammer?

Just days after New Zealand launched it's anti-spam law, I get this email:(...followed by a huge list of USB Flash Drives with photos - amounting to 77kb)

I cannot believe this. I can count on one hand the number of times I've received spam-like email from within New Zealand, but really, the timing for this is perfect - if IDL wants to cop a huge fine.

I'm guessing that this is accidental rather than deliberate spam, so I did something unusual: replied.


Are you really sure you want to send this email, just as the anti-spam law has been passed? http://www.antispam.govt.nz/

1) I can't remember explicitly giving you permission to email me, and you haven't reminded me in the email
2) You haven't provided an easy way to unsubscribe

...both factors which could land you in huge trouble.

I recommend you first of all stop this campaign, and don't send out any more emails like this. Secondly, I recommend you start building an opt-in database. It also wouldn't hurt to join the Marketing Association (www.marketing.org.nz).

On a related note, I'll be speaking tomorrow at the Marketing Association's Practical Email Marketing workshop tomorrow. Looking forward to help people do the opposite of this email!


Ilai said...

Si Your the man!! I really should get caught up with the new legislation... P.s yes she does describe it herself as madness - but I guess that sounds weird out of context of her session "Making sense of madness" guess you had to be there!!


Simon said...

Cheers Ilai ... and by the way, I got an email back from the accidental spammer - they took my advice!